Recession Pushed to Summer of 2024?

Recession Pushed to Summer of 2024? A recession is a significant and prolonged economic downturn, characterized by a decline in economic activity. This includes a contraction in gross domestic product, rising unemployment rates, reduced consumer spending, and decreased business investment. Recessions can be caused by various factors, including financial crises, excessive debt, inflation, supply shocks, …

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We often look for ways to get a solid financial footing during the decade before retirement. For years, we save diligently and carefully follow a long-term strategy. But as retirement approaches, your priorities may shift. When retirement is on the horizon, pre-retirees may start to question the choices they have made. A loss of confidence …

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Safety is Key

We found an article recently from AARP that might interest you. It referenced a “safety-first” approach, which is something we have always believed in. The idea is to cover all of your essential expenses with guaranteed sources of income, meaning sources like Social Security, pensions, and annuities that pay you an income you can’t outlive. …

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