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How to Retire With a Pension Plan

As you’re nearing retirement and are due a pension, a tricky decision you’ll be faced with is whether to take your benefits as a lump sum, or as an annuity over time. For those leaning towards an upfront payment, the choice may be more complicated now, because of rising interest rates. As rates rise, lump…

hidden cost

10 Hidden Expenses in Retirement

Does your retirement budget account for all of these costs? If not, they could derail your retirement. You may need to alter your strategy. Hidden Housing Costs First, there are housing costs to consider. Many pre-retirees fail to look beyond their monthly mortgage payment when estimating their long-term housing costs. Unanticipated home repairs and renovations…

how does the stock market work

How Does the Stock Market Work?

You may be wondering: “How does the stock market work?” Furthermore, “What are the potential dangers of investing in stocks?” If you are worried about these things, you aren’t alone. Many people with limited financial experience are terrified of the possibility of losing their money to the stock market. Either that, or they’re unaware of…

the secure act

The Secure Act 2.0

Back in March, a hearing was held by the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee. At the hearing, retirement professionals urged lawmakers to take action and increase the accessibility of workplace savings plans. Specifically, they’ve stressed the importance of making it easier for workers to save away more money for retirement. “It is…

recession concept graphic

Economists Looking for Signs of a Recession

Wall Street economists are panicking after yields on two-year Treasury notes moved above yields on ten-year notes. Economists track how the interest rates of different maturity levels vary, looking for signs of coming changes in the economy. When short-term interest rates are higher than long-term interest rates, it’s what’s known as an inverted yield curve….

stocks risk graphic

Do You Have Too Much Money In Stocks?

Recent changes in the stock market have acted as a warning to some Americans. Importantly, Americans who are too old to be investing the amount they have in the stock market. Many of these individuals, unfortunately, will likely ignore that warning. You see, the market surprisingly rose during the pandemic. This, combined with more than…

tax season with retallick

Tax Season is Fast Approaching

The third tax-filing season to happen during the Coronavirus pandemic is quickly approaching. This is likely to come with yet more frustration and uncertainty for taxpayers and tax preparers. Some things will return to normal this year. The individual tax deadline will return to its usual mid-April date, for the first time since 2019. Additionally,…

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