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Annuities: Guaranteed* income for life

At Retallick Financial Group we know that planning for your retirement can be overwhelming. Many people put it off and wait too long. There are so many options to choose from. 401(k) plans, pensions and IRAs are some of the most common retirement offerings but these are tied to the stock markets and are therefore susceptible to market fluctuations. Everyone wants the markets to do well and help people accumulate income, but do you know how to convert those profits into a steady stream of income during retirement? What do you do if the markets take a hit? Here at Retallick Financial Group, protecting your principal is top priority. Making sure you have the income you need to retire, regardless of how the markets are doing, is what we specialize in.

During our your no-obligation consultation we will discuss annuities, insurance products and more:

Learn what is an annuity and how they work.

Everyones retirement plans are different. We will discuss whether an annuity is right for yours.

There are many types of life insurance products. We will go over them all to decide which, if any are right for you.

Knowing your risk tolerance is key to successful retirement planning. 

This is one of our 3 core values at Retallick Financial Group. During our no-obligation consultation we will explain how important this is to maintaining your retirement strategy.

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Stock Market Vs. Safe Money
(Red Line Vs Green Line)

Some people don’t mind the ups and downs of the stock market. (That’s the red line.) They can ride the emotional waves of seeing their retirement account sink.

However, most retirees prefer a reasonable rate of return** without losing their nest egg.  (That’s the green line.) They want to know they won’t run out of money, no matter what happens in the market. 

Our team can provide “safe money” options. Using certain types of annuities and indexed life insurance products, we help retirees to feel secure about their future. Contact us today to learn more.

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Simplicity is one of our core principles

We want our clients to fully understand all of their options when it comes to saving for retirement. Every person is different and we work with our clients to cultivate a retirement strategy that fits their individual needs. We are people helping people. Contact us today! 

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