April 2024

Financial Stability

A big part of planning for your retirement future is accounting for the “what-ifs.” No matter how careful anyone is, unexpected changes can occur: accidents, illness, and deaths.  That’s where insurance comes in. Life insurance and the features it offers are definitely worth considering, and not only to provide for your loved ones after you’re […]

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retire before 65

Retiring Before 65? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to retire before 65, or are forced to retire following health difficulties, downsizing, or family circumstances, what will you do for health insurance until you qualify for Medicare? Many Americans retire before reaching the age of 65, whether by choice or need. And health insurance for these early retirees is frequently more

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What Happens? 

We’ve been asked a few questions regarding what happens to those portions of your estate that aren’t treated consistently with what you say in your will.  Many people assume wills and trusts are the pillars of a perfect estate plan. However, asset titling–the way you own an asset–is just as critical. Conflict instructions can create

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