Month: June 2022



“De-Risking.” This is a phrase you may hear more frequently as the market dips lower and lower.  It is a term often used when discussing how those who are near retirement can prepare when they know their future years of employment and wages are coming to an end, and their savings have dwindled dramatically due…

how does the stock market work

How Does the Stock Market Work?

You may be wondering: “How does the stock market work?” Furthermore, “What are the potential dangers of investing in stocks?” If you are worried about these things, you aren’t alone. Many people with limited financial experience are terrified of the possibility of losing their money to the stock market. Either that, or they’re unaware of…

Review the basics


We try to educate our clients on annuities. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to review the basics. Click here to visit our annuities page. We’ve outlined information such as the different types of annuities, the nature of the underlying investment, the primary purpose of an annuity, the nature of the payout commitment, the tax status…



While inflation has certainly been in the news a lot lately, one topic that hasn’t been discussed all that often is private pensions. Unlike Social Security payments, they typically don’t offer cost-of-living adjustments that keep up with inflation rates. State and local government pensions do typically offer cost of living increases, but this sometimes causes…

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