Month: February 2022

Stay On Track

Stay On Track

There are many factors to understanding whether you are on track to meet your financial goals for retirement. These not only include what you have set aside in savings and investments, but your rate of return, and inflation. If factors you can’t control such as the market or inflation have undermined where you thought you…

stocks risk graphic

Do You Have Too Much Money In Stocks?

Recent changes in the stock market have acted as a warning to some Americans. Importantly, Americans who are too old to be investing the amount they have in the stock market. Many of these individuals, unfortunately, will likely ignore that warning. You see, the market surprisingly rose during the pandemic. This, combined with more than…

tax refund

Tax Refunds

We are well into tax season, which means more and more individuals are beginning to think about their tax refunds and what they can do with them. The solution relates to how healthy the individual’s cash flow is. If you like the feeling of getting a “windfall” in the form of a tax refund, you…

Social Security Tax

How is Social Security Taxed?

With tax season approaching, some of you have asked if the social security payments you receive are taxed. The answer is yes, if your annual income is above a certain amount when you’re receiving those payments. And because that income threshold is relatively low, it’s likely that some of your benefits will be taxed. The…

Not Enough Time

Not Enough Time

We often think of retirement in terms of years. We think about how there isn’t enough time left in our lives to do all the things we planned on doing. That same thought of ‘not enough time left’ also comes to mind when we lose some of our life savings. Those who were handling it…

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