June 2023

Our Future Selves

Remember to think about yourself in future terms. Many of us feel little connection to the person we’ll become years from now, and that can lead to shortsighted behavior that can actually hurt us in the long run. It’s certainly food for thought. Are you holding back on retirement savings because you haven’t yet identified

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At Your Most Vulnerable

There has been an uptick in what regulators call “romance fraud.” This refers to a type of online deception where individuals create fake identities and develop fraudulent romantic or otherwise close relationships with unsuspecting people to exploit money out of them. Studies have been done to try to pinpoint when seniors are most vulnerable: Unsurprisingly,

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social security benefits

The Future of Social Security

The Social Security Administration periodically analyzes the program’s financial security and adjusts various factors to ensure its sustainability for the long-term. However, it’s suggested by many reports that it will suffer a benefit reduction. It’s no surprise, therefore, that most millennials have said they won’t factor Social Security into their strategy for retirement. After all,

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risk taker

Risk Taking 

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Perhaps there’s more truth to this saying than we want to admit. This year has been tumultuous, with markets declining and interest rates increasing. Were we all soothsayers, we would be rich beyond our dreams. But we aren’t. And it’s disingenuous to think about the money

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