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Retirement made easy: here is how we do it. At Retallick Financial Group our 3rd core principle is Simplicity. We know how overwhelming it can be finding a retirement specialist and then figuring out your best options for retirement savings. When you work with Don, he will sit down with you and explain in simple and easy to understand terms what our approach to simple money management philosophy is all about. We want you to feel confident in all your financial decisions, but most importantly, confident in your decision to let us help you make your retirement plans a reality. When you are a client of Retallick Financial Group we are always there to answer any questions and we insist on annual reviews to make sure your current products are still the best fit for your unique situation. During this review we will supply you with annual summaries and answer any and all question you may have about your accounts.

Retallick Financial Group believes in protecting your principal and interest while still giving you a reasonable rate of return. We want all of our clients to rest easy knowing your principal is safe from market downturns or volatility. Fill out the form at the bottom to set up your no-obligation discovery meeting with Don. During this meeting we will take the time to explain, in detail, our philosophy of simple money management and a retirement made easy. At the end of your meeting, you can decide if Retallick Financial Group is a good fit for you. We are people helping people at RFG and we don’t believe in pushy sales tactics. If you like what you hear you can take control of your retirement and start on your path to success!

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Retirement Today

Retirement is more complicated than it ever has been. Traditional pension plans are disappearing or are already gone. The cost of healthcare has skyrocketed. Life expectancy has increased, and along with it, the need for more sophisticated retirement strategies. When you take all these factors into account it is obvious that more money is going to be needed for retirement and you now have a greater responsibility to save.

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Understanding Annuities

Annuities are can be an excellent retirement strategy, but what exactly are they? A fixed index annuity is simply a contract between you and an insurance company that may help you reach your financial goals for retirement. You pay your premiums like other insurance products, but in exchange the insurance company provides you with income. This can start immediately or sometime in the future.

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Fixed Index Annuity Roles

Insurance Company: This is the company that issues the annuity. The insurance company is responsible for backing the annuity’s guarantees.

Contract Owner/Annuitant: These usually are the same person, but they can be different. The owner makes decisions about the annuity, such as who the beneficiaries are.  The annuitant is the person whose life expectancy is used to calculate annuity payments.

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Benefits of an FIA

Understanding the benefits of a Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) will help you make an informed decision about whether they are right for you. These products offer tax deferrals, indexed interest potential and other optional benefits to protect you. Your retirement assets and income could be in a safer place with an FIA. Let’s take a closer look at these 3 key benefits.

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Tax Advantages & Deferrals

During the accumulation phase of your contract your fixed index annuity (FIA) offers a tax advantage. Any interest growth is tax-deferred. This is extremely beneficial if you purchase your FIA with after-tax dollars! This means you will only pay ordinary income taxes on your earnings, NOT on your premium payments, when you start to withdraw money.

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Indexed Interest Potential

Some fixed index annuities offer you a choice of indexes rather than just one. This means you have an opportunity to accumulate interest based on changes in one of these external indexes. You have the ability to choose the ones you want and you can determine the portion of your annuities value that you assign to each index. It is important to note you are not buying shares of any stock or funds.

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Available Protection Benefits

There are 3 important advantages of an FIA. One of those is the range of guarantees and optional protection benefits that are available. These benefits transfer the risk to the insurance company that has issued the FIA. This is a form of protection for your beneficiaries, your retirement income and your assets.

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