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Your Roth IRA may be able to be converted into another account.

However, there’s many potential income and tax issues to consider before doing so.
Before you convert your Roth IRA – attend this webinar!

This session is offered exclusively by Retallick Financial Group. Event will be held on Tuesday, April 6th at 12pm. All registrants will receive an email with instructions on how to attend live. 

Complimentary Webinar: “Roth IRA Conversions: An effective retirement tax strategy”

Learn about Roth IRA conversions and how they may be able to help maximize your after-tax or tax-free money in retirement.
We’ll review important topics such as:

Learn About IRA Conversions

how taxes affect retirement
  • Roth IRA conversion basics 
  • How do conversions work, anyway?
  • What to consider before converting your Roth IRA
  • Possible unintended consequences of IRA conversion

Tax Strategy & IRA Conversions

strategies for a tax free retirement
  • Maximizing after-tax dollars
  • Tax-free money options in retirement
  • Managing potential taxes on an IRA conversion
  • Tax-deferral – when is it right for you?

Beneficiary Information

tax free retirement benefits
  • What happens to your IRA when you die?
  • Potential tax impact on your loved ones
  • Hypothetical beneficiary examples
  • Reducing income tax for those you leave behind

IRA Laws & Facts

Why a tax free retirement matters
  • How marital status impacts your IRA
  • Special provisions for surviving spouse
  • Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and IRAs
  • Are there income limitations for Roth IRA conversions?
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