This week’s article states that “Individuals engaged in financial planning for retirement have no shortage of resources available to provide guidance on how much to save and how to invest those savings. If one does a Google search on the term “retirement planning,” the lion’s share of the over 1.2 million hits appear to guide one to websites that discuss various features of the saving and investment decisions. Given the dominant focus on saving and investment, the typical worker could be forgiven for believing that “retirement planning” is synonymous with “wealth accumulation.” While wealth accumulation is an important ingredient in any financial plan, it is not sufficient to ensure financial well-being in retirement. A particularly glaring shortcoming of the focus on wealth accumulation is that it fails to consider how one’s assets will be converted into a stream of consumption in retirement.” Call us if you are looking for options that provide a stream of income in retirement that you can’t outlive. We’re always here to help.

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