May 2024

Retirement Spending

Many people nearing retirement make the mistake of just “guessing” their retirement income needs rather than actually calculating what they’ll need to support their retirement spending. This is because many people don’t put enough thought into their financial needs when they are working, either.  However, given that you don’t have the income from a job […]

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Methods of Generating Extra Income in Retirement

You’ve left your 9-to-5 job and are enjoying retirement. However, if you retired early, your Social Security check may no longer be adequate. Perhaps you need to support your adult children or your grandchildren. During retirement, life can often become more expensive than it was before. And, certainly, many of the financial obligations you had

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How Would You Answer the Question? 

Nobel laureate, the late Daniel Kahneman, proposed a question; “How does the experience of a loss compare with the experience of a gain?” There were four possible answers to choose from:  Which answer would you choose? Kahneman’s research study concluded that losses are twice as painful as gains are pleasurable:  “This phenomenon—known as loss aversion—suggests

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